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Konstkvällar – drawing and painting

ONSDAGAR 18:00-21:00 på Täljstenen i Sala

Suitable for beginners and more experienced artists.
This course begins with the most important skills in drawing. You will learn how to draw realistic three-dimensional images, including objects and people. Once these skills are in place you will work with paint, learning about colour combinations, harmony, mood and visual impact.

Essential techniques:
Drawing – using graphite, charcoal and other drawing media Painting – using acrylic paints

Artists’ Skills:
Materials and tools: the choice, use and care of your paints, brushes, pencils etc. Essential techniques in drawing: lines/marks, tone/value, shape/form, composition Colour theory: mixing colours, warm and cool, harmonies and complementaries. Composition and format – arranging parts within a whole on paper or canvas

Personal Projects:
After the first few sessions, you will be free to develop your own ideas for a project, and your tutor will advise and help you.
For the first class, you do not need to buy everything in the list. Please bring a soft drawing pencil (graphite) and an A4 sketchpad. The tutor will talk to you about the list.
Materials List:
graphite pencils (soft) for example 3B 6B 9B
sketchpads: small (A4), medium(A3) and large (A2) for wet and dry media
soft ‘kneadable’ eraser
acrylic paint – primary set: red, yellow, blue, black, white (and other colours if you wish) paintbrushes: various sizes and shapes (for acrylic paint)

Your tutor: Linda Khatir is an artist, writer and educator from the UK, now living and working in Sala. She has a doctorate in Fine Art, and is a specialist in art education, developing and teaching courses for more than twenty years in colleges, universities, museums, galleries and adult education centres. Linda enjoys helping students develop the important skills that will give them the confidence to lead a more creative and fulfilling life.

(Please note the course will be in English but you do not need to be good at English to join the class).

Contact details : linda@khatir.org


Datum: 2020-02-05 - 2020-05-13


Platser kvar: 2/12
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