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English Conversation – evening course

TORSDAGAR 18:00-21:00 på Täljstenen i Sala

Led by a native English speaker, this is a great chance to improve your everyday English and become more confident when speaking in different situations. Come along and chat about all things British with a small group of people who want to improve their pronunciation and knowledge of British culture.
What do we do in the course? Well, we discuss interesting things we’ve seen on TV or in the news, or we chat about what we’ve been doing since we last met. We sometimes play games, read out loud to each other, engage in a silly quiz, tell jokes, and generally have a good time.
We also discuss how the English language is used in different situations, why some words are pronounced in unexpected ways, and look at some confusing spellings (‘through/ threw’, ‘bough/bow’, ‘sew/sow’ for example) and we have great fun with tongue-twisters and English eccentricities; food, history, music, famous people etc.
Some will be more experienced than others so don’t worry if your English is a little rusty! Making mistakes (and learning from your mistakes) is a great way to gain confidence. However, the course is not suitable for complete beginners (email Linda if you are unsure).

(no course materials) notebook and pen

Kursledare – English Conversation:
Linda Khatir is an artist, writer and educator from the UK. She has a doctorate in Fine Art, and is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK). Linda’s teaching methods are flexible with a focus on conversation, pronunciation, and the common use of words and phrases. She develops each session to fit the interests and needs of the students.

Kontakt uppgifter: linda@khatir.org


Datum: 2020-02-06 - 2020-05-14


Platser kvar: 2/12
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