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Abstract painting and mixed media – torsdagar kl. 18.00 på Täljstenen i Sala

TORSDAGAR 18:00-21:00

Abstract painting & mixed media thursday evenings at Täljstenen Sala, or by distance via private Facebook group.

This course is suitable for you if you are interested in abstract painting and want to experiment with colours, shapes, techniques and material.
You will experience a range of abstract styles and ideas, and before each class inspirational images will be posted in our private Facebook group.

During the course you will learn how to work with:
Materials & tools – acrylic paints, brushes, surfaces, mediums and palettes

Methods – creating marks and strokes: wet/dry, thick/thin, gesture, hard-edge etc.
Colour theory – complementaries, harmonies, cool/warm, mood/emotion

Composition – arranging shapes, colours, marks, lines, and spaces
Mixed Media – combining paint with other materials, visual and physical texture

Personal Projects: After the first few sessions (where you will learn basic techniques and skills) you will be free to develop your own ideas. The tutor will advise and help you plan your project.


Materials List:
To begin with you will need:
A3 sketchpad with thick paper for wet and dry media
paintbrushes: various sizes and shapes (for acrylic paint)

Acrylic paint: primary set: red, yellow, blue, black, white
You will be advised later in the course on other materials that you may need (for example: canvas, big sheets of paper/card, acrylic mediums, glue, charcoal etc.)

Your tutor: Linda Khatir is an artist, writer and educator from the UK, now living and working in Sala. She has exhibited in Europe, USA and Asia, and has a doctorate in Fine Art. Linda is a specialist in art education, and has developed and taught courses for more than twenty years in art colleges, universities, museums, art galleries and adult education centres. Linda enjoys helping students develop the skills that will give them the confidence to lead a more creative and fulfilling life.
Please note the course will be in English but you do not need to be good at English to join the class.

Contact details: linda@khatir.org



Datum: 2021-02-04 - 2021-05-06


Platser kvar: 0/12
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